L'EQUIPE.FR Football Tour

Take part to this third opus!

L'Equipe.fr Football Tour comes back for this season's fourth official cup! You still may join the competition!


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L'EQUIPE.FR Football Tour

2009/2010 Season

L'Equipe.fr Football Tour comes back for this season's fifth and last official cup! You still may join the competition!

Club rewards will be given to the winners of every cup and the club that comes first in the EFT rankings at the end of the season will be awarded a customised football kit matching the club's colours, complete with a shirt, shorts and boots.

The clubs leadinf the EFT rankings are now:

  • Band of Brothers (400 pts)
  • NeWWave (200 pts)
  • Spécialistes (190 pts)
  • AS Ardéche (180 pts)
  • Les Rustiques (180 pts)
  • Little Brothers (140 pts)
  • AC Croix-rousse (120 pts)
  • The Outsiders (100 pts)
  • Elsan (100 pts)

EFT 2009/2010 season schedule:

The EFT season is made up of 5 EFC competitions (L’Equipe.fr Football Cup)

EFC 1 - September 2009

EFC 2 - November 2009

EFC 3 - February 2010

EFC 4 - April 2010

EFC 5 - August 2010

What rewards can be expected?

Each club that wins an EFC will get a customised kit in the following order:

· 1st victory: club t-shirt

· 2nd victory: club cap

· 3rd victory: club tracksuit

· 4th victory: club fan t-shirt

How can I participate in the EFT?

To join the competition, clubs must meet the following two criteria:

1 – Have at least 8 active members:

· 1 Captain

· 3 Permanent Team mates

· 4 Substitute Team mates

2 – Be at least 15 days old at the time of the beginning of the cup in which it wishes to participate.

The competition remains open and accessible to new clubs throughout the season. So, it’s never too late to build a team and recruit your friends.

Registrations are made in the official Empire of Sports forum, in the official thread for the competition.

Entries must be submitted as follows:

· Team 1 from club “Club_Name”

· Captain: "Captain_Name"

· Team mates: "Team_mate_Name_1", "Team_mate_Name_2", "Team_mate_Name_3"

· Substitutes: "Substitute_Name_1", "Substitute_Name_2", "Substitute_Name_3", "Substitute_Name_4"

How do the EFT rankings work?

The EFT rankings are separate from the Empire of Sports club rankings. The EFT rankings will instated following the season's first event.

EFT points will be awarded to all clubs that have made it to the round of 32 and following the round they reach thereafter.

Level reached in the EFC





Round of 16

Round of 32

Number of points awarded







Number of clubs concerned







The EFT rankings are updated following each EFC competition in the season.


How do EFT competitions unfold?

Depending on the number of clubs entered in the cup, EFT competitions last 3 to 4 weeks.

No matter how many clubs have registered, the first week of the competition is exclusively dedicated to group matches.

During the qualifying phase , participating clubs are grouped in fours. Each club plays once against every club of its group and at the end of this first week, the winners and the runner-ups scores are qualified for the next round.

Rules of matches:

  • Period duration: 5 minutes (10 minutes long matches)

  • Number of players : 5 vs 5

  • AI : Medium level

Each group match allows clubs to win qualification points as follows:

· Victory: 3 pts

· Draw: 1 pt

· Defeat: 0 pt

During the qualifying phase, in the event of a draw between two teams at the end of normal time, the match goes into extra time and stops before the penalty shootout phase. If none of the teams manages to have the upper hand during extra time, the match is declared a draw.

From the round of 32 and onward, in the event of a draw at the end of the extra time, victory shall be decided during the penalty shootout phase.


Following the qualifying phase, the cup follows the direct elimination principle up to the final.

Matches will be played at 8:30PM and 9:30PM (GMT+1 Paris, Berlin, Madrid). Talk to the tournament NPC (Francis / Damien / Samir) and enter individually into your match. You will be automatically displayed in the good team and the game will be launched automatically. In any case, it won't be possible to postpone a match.


L'Equipe.fr Football Tour and L'Equipe.fr Football Cup are virtual football competitions run in the online world of Empire of Sports.

All rules and terms applicable to the Empire of Sports Prologue remain applicable to all players throughout the competition.

Participation in this event implies complete and unreserved acceptance of the terms expressed herein.

Should any form of disconnection occur while the game is loading, the match will start when both teams are in sufficient numbers to play, which may mean a team mate being replaced with one of the substitutes. However, once the match has started, the game will not be interrupted even if some players are disconnected.

No protest shall arise from voluntary or involuntary disconnections. Should a player be disconnected once the game has started, both teams must continue to play. A team with no remaining players will cause the game to be interrupted and the other team to automatically win the game.

Group matches allow clubs to win points as follows:

· Victory: 3 pts

· Draw: 1 pt

· Defeat: 0 pt

Following the group matches, 2 clubs will qualify for the next round of the competition. Clubs will be selected according to the following criteria:

1- Most points at the end of the group match phase

2- Difference between total goals scored and total goals taken during the group matches

3- Most goals scored in the entire group match phase

Based on the three criteria aforementioned and in the event of a dead heat between two or more teams, rankings will be defined according to the following extra criteria:

1- Most points won in the group match phase during the matches between tied clubs

2- Difference between goals during matches opposing tied clubs

Should there still be a dead heat after applying the criteria, a decisive match will be played. The winning club will then be selected to move on to the next phase of the competition.

Empire of Sports reserves the right to amend the present terms, at any time and without prior notice or obligation to justify itself, nor will its liability be engaged as a result of this.

Should a dispute arise between participants during the course of the event and remain unresolved by their sole efforts, the organising body will intervene and make a decision based upon official game log files. No justification shall be expected on part of the organising body, nor shall any complaint or protest be made towards the organising body.

Decision upon a dispute remains the sole right of the official "Empire of Sports" team members. Arbitrators in charge of this event are all of but not limited to the following: EOS Jack, EOS Wakkun and EOS Voormas.

Any sanction taken against any Empire of Sports player, including outside this event, will automatically result in the player being excluded from the event with no effective remedy.

Empire of Sports reserves the right to disqualify and ban from this event any and all participants who fail to comply with the terms and/or the behaviour charter, and to do so with no obligation to justify itself. Empire of Sports reserves the right to disqualify and ban from this event any and all participants who fail to comply with the terms and/or the behaviour charter, and to do so with no obligation to justify itself.

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