EOS Tetrathlon

Win an iPod Touch and many other prizes!

From Wednesday 27th to Saturday 30rd January 2010, take part to the first Tetrathlon set up by Empire of Sports and prove you have all the qualities of a multisports athletes.

Ski, Skeleton, Tennis and Track & Field are the four sports of the Tetrathlon. You will not only have to be good at one of them but all to reach the highest step of the podium and get the supreme award...

The best athletes of each heat will be awarded a combination of Boost Packs for their outstanding performance and the winner will receive a real iPod Touch!

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The EOS Tetrathlon principle is very simple: each day corresponds to an event!

  • Wednesday 27th January: Ski
  • Thursday 28th January: Skeleton
  • Friday 29th January: Tennis
  • Saturday 30th January: Track & Field

Each evening from 08:00pm (GMT+1), talk to Francis (France) or Damien (UK) to take part in this great competition. You don't have to preregistrate to join the EOS Tetrathlon. Access to Empire of Sports Premium members only.

You can subscribe to a premium account:

  • The Internet website www.empireofsports.comMy account” section
  • The game, clicking on the “Bank” button you can find under the chat window
  • The game, talking to NPC Margaux (France) or Hope 5UK) located in front of the bank of their own city



Remember that you only have 10 tries to prove yourself in each sport!

After each participation you'll receive Points according to your performance following this pattern:



For Ski, Skeleton and Track & Field events:

  • 1st position: 4 Points
  • 2nd position: 3 Points
  • 3rd position: 2 Points
  • 4th position: 1 Point

For Tennis events:

  • 1st position: 3 Points
  • 2nd position: 2 Points

The official ranking will be determined according to points made by each player. If two players have the same amount of points, the one will less competition will be better ranked.

To keep balance in the competition, there will be four groups made according to levels (1-14 / 15-29 / 30-59 / 60+) but EOS Tetrathlon official ranking will be the same for all the different heats.


Every combination of Boost Packs corresponds to four boost packs of the same value for each sport (Tennis, Ski, Bobsleigh and Track & Field)


  • 1 real iPod Touch
  • + Combination of Potassium Boost Pack
  • + 1000 ranking points by sport

2nd position:

  • 1 real iPod Nano
  • + Combination of Argon Boost Pack
  • + 750 ranking points by sport

3rd position:

  • 1 real iPod Shuffle
  • + Combination of Chlorine Boost pack
  • + 500 ranking points by sport


4th position:

  • Combination of Sulphur
  • + 100 ranking points for each sport

5th position:

  • Combination of Phosphorus
  • + 100 ranking points for each sport

6th position:

  • Combination of Silicon
  • + 100 ranking points for each sport

7th position:

  • Combination of Aluminium
  • + 100 ranking points for each sport

8th position:

  • Combination of Magnesium
  • + 100 ranking points for each sport

9th position:

  • Combination of Sodium
  • + 100 ranking points for each sport

10th position:

  • Combination of Neon
  • +100 ranking points for each sport

11th to 100 position:

  • 50 ranking points for each sport


EOS Tetrathlon is a virtual competition which takes place in the online world of Empire of Sports.

All the rules of Empire of Sports Prologue, notably the ones related to player behaviour, remain applicable during the competition.

If you take part in the event you must accept the present rules without any exception.

Only one avatar of an account can take part in the competition and only one game account per individual too. Any non-compliance of these rules will lead to disqualification of all the avatars of the account without the possibility for the account holder to have any right of action.

You can register for the event at the NPC responsible of the event.

Minors must have the authorization of their parents or their guardian to take part in the event.

Participation in the event is forbidden for employees and their family, affiliates and suppliers of F4 companies, InFront, Empire of Sports and Giant.


Real prizes which are at stake will be sent by mail to the winner at the address indicated in their personal information. Each player has to make sure their information are correct.

Personal information are to be updated from the « My Account » section of the Empire of Sports website.

My Empire of Sports > My Account > Change my personal information



You can use boost packs and tricks during the competition.

Empire of Sports keeps the right to add any change at the present document whenever it becomes required during the event without giving any notice, nor motivation for its decision and its cannot carry the burden of responsibility for it.

Disconnections, voluntary or not, cannot lead to any protest. Player disconnected during a race will automatically be declared as looser.

If a dispute which cannot be solved happens during the competition, sport competition managers will take their decision based on game logs files. No justification will be necessary and no claim nor protest can be done.

Only « Empire of Sports » official members can hold a decision between players. Referees in charge of this event are, among others: EOS Jack, EOS Wakkun, EOS Kerlerner and EOS Voormas.

Sanction taken against any player of Empire of Sports, outside this event too, will automatically lead to its exclusion of the competition without the possibility to have any recourse whatever it may be.

Empire of Sports keeps the right to disqualify and exclude from this event any participant who might not respect and/or infringe the behaviour charter without having to explain its reasons. The holder of the game account will find them explained in an email.