Euroleague Basketball Tournament

From Monday, the 14th of December to Sunday, the 20th of December 2009, take part in the last basketball competition of the year and win real Euroleague Basketball caps and balls.


Empire of Sports and Euroleague Basketball


Euroleague Basketball Tournament


This event is open to any club wishing to take part in and having a basketball team made up of five active members at least .

Each team will have to choose a captain to be their representative for dialogue with the organising members of the Empire of Sports Team.



Registration opens on the 9th of October 2009 and can be completed on the official Empire of Sports forum.

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Each team joining the competition must be made up of 3 active members at least and 2 substitutes.

Team registrations must be submitted as following:

  • Name of the team and its Club
  • Name of the Captain of the team
  • Names of 2 permanent team-mates
  • Names of the 2 substitutes

Teams allowed to take part in the Euroleague Basketball Tournament will be selected by the organising members of the Empire of Sports team. The selection will be based on several criteria, including the order of registration, clubs ranking, in-game behaviour…

Please note that registration closes permanently on Friday, the 11th of December at 8:00 p.m. (GMT+1 Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Copenhagen).


A real ball of Euroleague Basketball will be offered to each member of the winner team.

Each member of the second-ranked team will receive a real Euroleague Basketball official cap.


Details about the Cup

The competition will be a knock out competition, meaning that any defeated team will be definitely eliminated from the Euroleague Basketball Tournament.

For each match, one of the two teams will be chosen to be the host and its Captain will be in charge of the creation of the match and the assignation of players to their respective team.

Each match must be created as following:

  • Mode: Friendly competition
  • Type of match: 3 vs 3
  • Length of quarter: 2 minutes (total length of match: 8 minutes)

Basketball Trophy 2009 matches must be played each evening between 8:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. (GMT+1 Paris, Berlin, Madrid…). The match planning will be published by EOS Jack.

In the event of a draw at the end of normal playing time, 2 minutes of extra time will be added to the clock. If after this extra time none of the teams has managed to take the upper hand, 2 more minutes will be added as the match goes into “sudden death”, meaning that the first team to score will be granted winner of the match.

Warning: Teams can only play matches if at least one of their players is present at the beginning of a match. Missing team-mates will be replaced with bots (handled by the game's AI).

If none of the team members comes at the time defined for the match, the team is considered to have withdrawn from the competition.

If none of the two teams comes, they will be both disqualified and eliminated from the competition.


Euroleague Basketball Tournament is a virtual basketball competition organised in partnership with Euroleague Basketball and is taking place in Empire of Sports from the 14th to the 20th of December 2009.

All rules and terms applicable to the Empire of Sports Prologue remain applicable to all players throughout the competition.

Joining this event involves the complete and unreserved acceptance of all the terms expressed in this settlement.


Should any form of disconnection occur while the match is loading, the match will start again when both teams will be in sufficient numbers to play, which may involve a team-mate being pinch hit for one of the substitutes. However, once the match will be started, it will not be interrupted even if some players are disconnected.


No protest shall arise from voluntary or involuntary disconnections. If on the occasion of a match a player is disconnected, both teams are allowed to continue the game. But a team with no remaining players will cause the interruption of the match and the other team will be granted winner.



Empire of Sports reserves the right to amend the present terms, at any time during the event and without prior notice or obligation to justify itself, nor will its liability be engaged as a result of this.

Should a dispute arise between participants during the course of the event and remain unresolved by their sole efforts, the organising body will intervene and make a decision based upon official game log files. No justification shall be expected on part of the organising body, nor shall any complaint or protest be made towards the organising body.

Decision upon a dispute remains the sole right of the official "Empire of Sports" team members. Arbitrators in charge of this event are all of but not limited to the following: EOS Jack, EOS Wakkun, EOS Kerlerner and EOS Voormas.

Any sanction taken against any Empire of Sports player, including outside this event, will automatically result in the player being excluded from the event with no effective remedy.



Empire of Sports reserves the right to disqualify and ban from this event any and all participants who fail to comply with the terms and/or the behaviour charter, and to do so with no obligation to justify itself. Owners of these accounts will be notified by email of such a decision.