Grizzly Trophy 2010

Become the next Grizzly Trophy star and win a real Powderhorn parka!

From 13th to 27th February 2010, take the road of the winter area in UK to take part in the first Ski / Bobsleigh mixed competition of Empire of Sports!


The best athletes will receive real Bollé ski mask and the winner will get a real Powderhorn parka! Many other real prizes will wait for you all along the competition.



Unfolding of the event

The Grizzly Trophy is composed of 5 disciplines:


  • Super G - Skiing

  • Super G – Race against the clock

  • Skeleton

  • Two-man bobsleigh

  • Four-man bobsleigh

You can access a new discipline every other day. Each of them includes 3 days of qualification stage and one day of Playoffs (small final) to determine winners of each discipline.


Qualification events


Saturday 13th February 2010


Sunday 14th February 2010


Monday 15th February 2010


Super G

Tuesday 16th February 2010

Super G

Wednesday 17th February 2010

Two-man bobsleigh

Super G


Thursday 18th February 2010

Two-man bobsleigh

Friday 19th February 2010

Two-man bobsleigh

Against the clock skiing

Super G

Saturday 20th February 2010

Against the clock skiing

Sunday 21st February 2010

Four-man bobsleigh

Against the clock skiing

Two-man bobsleigh

Monday 22 February 2010

Four-man bobsleigh

Tuesday 23 February 2010

Four-man bobsleigh

Super G Time Trial Skiing

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Thursday 25 February 2010

Four-man bobsleigh

Friday 26 February 2010

Grizzly Trophy 2010 final

Saturday 27 February 2010

Round 1 - Skiing

Round 2 - Skeleton

Round 3 - Skiing

During the qualification stage, you have 15 races to gain the maximum amount of points. You can get from 1 to 4 points according to the following pattern:

  • 1st position: 4 Points

  • 2nd position: 3 Points

  • 3rd position: 2 Points

  • 4th position: 1 Point

You can access sessions every 15 minutes from 1:00pm to 11:00pm (GMT+1).

At the end of the qualifications stage, we'll establish an official ranking for each discipline. The 32 best players will be qualified to take part in the Playoffs of each discipline (small final). If two players have the same amount of points, the one with less competition will be better ranked. If need be, a draw will be made to decide between players.

Playoffs will take place at 9:00pm (GMT+1)

At the end of the competition, the official ranking of the Grizzly Trophy will be established thanks to rankings of each discipline. The 32 best players will be qualified to take part in the great final of the competition on Saturday 27th February at 4:00pm (GMT+1).

To maintain the competition balanced, there'll be four groups made by levels (1-14 / 15-29 / 30-59 / 60+) but official rankings of the Grizzly Trophy will be common to all series.

Collector items of the Grizzly Trophy:

For each participation to a qualification event you'll get a Shop voucher according to the following pattern:

  • 1st position: 4 Shop vouchers

  • 2nd position: 3 Shop vouchers

  • 3rd position: 2 Shop vouchers

  • 4th position: 1 Shop voucher

With these Shop vouchers you'll be able to get collector items offered by the Grizzly Trophy guide. Apart from their original style, these items last very long.

  • Grizzly Trophy jacket: 55 Shop vouchers

  • Grizzly Trophy trousers: 35 Shop vouchers

  • Grizzly Trophy outfit: 40 Shop vouchers

  • Grizzly Trophy shoes: 25 Shop vouchers

  • Grizzly Trophy helmet: 25 Shop vouchers

  • Grizzly Trophy hat: 15 Shop vouchers




At the end of Playoffs of each discipline, the 3 best players will get a collector T-shirt printed with a medal for their performance. Moreover, the 32 qualified athletes will get a Grizzly Trophy collector cap.


Participants of the great final of the Grizzly Trophy will receive the following rewards:


1st position:                 1 Real Powderhorn parka

                        + 1 Grizzly Trophy collector T-Shirt printed with a gold medal

                        + 2000 Skiing ranking points

                        + 2000 Bobsleigh ranking points


2nd position:    1 Real Bollé ski mask

                        + 1 Grizzly Trophy collector T-Shirt printed with a silver medal

                        + 1500 Skiing ranking points

                        + 1500 Bobsleigh ranking points


3rd position:     1 Real Bollé ski mask

                        + 1 Grizzly Trophy collector T-Shirt printed with a bronze medal

                        + 1000 Skiing ranking points

                        + 1000 Bobsleigh ranking points


4th position:                 1 Real Bollé ski mask

                        + 750 Skiing ranking points

                        + 750 Bobsleigh ranking points


5th position:                 1 Real Bollé ski mask

                        + 500 Skiing ranking points

                        + 500 Bobsleigh ranking points


You can register for this event at the NPC responsible for the event.

Minors must have the authorization of their parents or their guardian to take part in the event.

Participation in the event is forbidden for employees and their family, affiliates and suppliers of F4 companies, InFront, Empire of Sports and Giant.

Possible real prizes which are at stake will be sent by mail to the address indicated in the winner's user account . Each player has to make sure his/ her information is correct.

Personal information is to be updated in the «My Account » section of the Empire of Sports website.

Community website > My Account > Change my personal information

You can use boost packs and tricks during this competition.

Empire of Sports reserves the right to make any change to the present document during the event as it sees fit, and without prior notice or assuming any responsibility.

No claims can be issued due to disconnections. Players disconnected during a match will automatically be declared as looser.

If any unsolvable dispute arises during the competition, the sport competition managers will take their decision based on game logs files. Decisions are binding and not subject to justification nor claims.

Only official representatives of «Empire of Sports » can make a decision as to a dispute between players. Referees in charge of this event are, amongst others: EOS Jack, EOS Nyu, EOS Wakkun, EOS Kerlerner and EOS Voormas.

Sanctions taken against any player of Empire of Sports, even beyond this competion, will automatically lead to his exclusion of the competition without the possibility to have any recourse whatever it may be.

Empire of Sports reserves the right to disqualify and exclude any participant from this event who does not respect and/or infringes the behaviour charter without obligation to justify the reasons. The holder of the game account will find the latter explained in an email.