Joakim Noah

Welcome Cup

> To celebrate his arrival in style, Empire of Sports is inviting you to take part in his Welcome Cup between 9th and 27th November 2009.


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Joakim Noah - Welcome Cup


Joakim Noah, an emblematic player in the NBA championship is coming to Empire of Sports' city of France!

To celebrate his arrival in style, Empire of Sports is inviting you to take part in his Welcome Cup between 9th and 27th November 2009.

Members of the team that wins the competition will each get a real Le Coq Sportif T-shirt signed by Joakim!

* * *

This event is open to any club that wishes to take part and that has a basketball team made up of at least five active members.

Each team must choose a captain to be their representative for dialogue with the organising members of the Empire of Sports Team, especially EoS Jack.


Registration opens on 27 October 2009 and is made on the official Empire of Sports forum.

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Every team entering in the competition must be made up of at least 5 active members and may also have up to 2 substitutes.

Team registrations must be submitted as follows:

· Name of the team and name of its Club

· Name of the Captain of the team

· Names of 4 permanent teammates

· Names of the 2 substitutes (provided the team has substitute players)

Teams allowed to take part in the Welcome Cup organised with Joakim Noah will be selected by the organising members of the Empire of Sports team, based on several criteria, including but not limited to order of registration, club ranking, ingame behaviour…

Please note that registration closes permanently on 9 November at 11:59 p.m. (GMT+1 Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Copenhagen).

Details about the Cup

The first week of the competition is exclusively dedicated to group games.

Participating teams are grouped in fours. Each team plays once against every team of its group and at the end of this first week, the two clubs with the best scores are qualified for the next round.

Each group game allows teams to win qualification points as follows:

· Victory: 3 pts

· Draw: 1 pt

· Defeat: 0 pts

In the event of equal scores on both sides at the end of normal playing time during group games, no extra time is played and the game is called a draw.

Following group games, the competition will turn into a knock out competition, meaning that any defeated team is eliminated from the Welcome Cup.

For each game, one of the two teams is chosen to be the host and the Captain of that team is responsible for creating the game and assigning players to their respective teams.

Games must be created as follows:

· Mode: Friendly competition

· Type of match: 5 vs 5

· Length of quarter: 2 minutes (total length of match: 8 minutes)


In the event of a draw at the end of normal playing time, 2 minutes of extra time are added to the clock. If after the 2 minutes of extra time none of the teams has managed to take the upper hand, 2 more minutes are added as the game goes into “sudden death”, meaning that the first team to score is declared the winner of the game.

Warning: Teams can only play matches if at least one of their players is present at the beginning of a game. Missing teammates are then replaced with bots (handled by the game’s AI).

If none of the team members show up at the time given for the game, the team is considered to have withdrawn from the competition and automatically loses the game.

If neither of the two teams shows up, they are both be disqualified and eliminated from the competition.


Joakim Noah – Welcome Cup is a virtual basketball competition taking place in Empire of Sports from 9th to 27th November 2009.

All rules and terms applicable to the Empire of Sports Prologue remain applicable to all players throughout the competition.

Participation in this event implies complete and unreserved acceptance of the terms expressed herein.
Should any form of disconnection occur while the game is loading, the game will start when both teams are in sufficient numbers to play, which may mean a teammate being replaced with one of the substitutes. However, once the game has started, it will not be interrupted even if some players are disconnected.

No protest shall arise from voluntary or involuntary disconnections. A team with no remaining players will cause the game to be interrupted and the other team to automatically win the game.

Group games allow teams to win points as follows:

· Victory: 3 pts

· Draw: 1 pt

· Defeat: 0 pts

Following group games, 2 teams will qualify for the next round of the competition. Qualifying teams are selected according to the following criteria:

1- Most points at the end of the group game phase

2- Difference between total goals scored and total goals taken during all group games

3- Most goals scored in all group games

Based on the three criteria aforementioned and in the event of a dead heat between two or more teams, rankings will be defined according to the following extra criteria:

1- Most points won in the group match phase during matches between tied clubs

2- Difference between goals during matches opposing tied clubs

Should there still be a dead heat after applying the criteria, a decisive match will be played. The winning club will then be selected to move on to the next phase of the competition.

Empire of Sports reserves the right to amend the present terms, at any time and without prior notice or obligation to justify itself, nor will its liability be engaged as a result of this.

Should a dispute arise between participants during the course of the event and remain unresolved by their sole efforts, the organising body will intervene and make a decision based upon official game log files. No justification shall be expected on part of the organising body, nor shall any complaint or protest be made towards the organising body.

Decision upon a dispute remains the sole right of the official "Empire of Sports" team members. Arbitrators in charge of this event are all of but not limited to the following: EOS Jack, EOS Wakkun, EOS Kerlerner and EOS Voormas.

Any sanction taken against any Empire of Sports player, including outside this event, will automatically result in the player being excluded from the event with no effective remedy.

Empire of Sports reserves the right to disqualify and ban from this event any and all participants who fail to comply with the terms and/or the behaviour charter, and to do so with no obligation to justify itself. Owners of these accounts will be notified by email of such a decision.