The Lost Treasure

Ahoy athletes!

This summer, travel through Empire of Sports to the rhythm of pirate adventures.

The Poseidon has dropped anchor off the coast of Arabia. Aboard, Captain Jim is looking for the treasure of William Kidd. Rumour has it that it may be buried near a sports centre...

Unfortunately for Captain Jim and his crew, someone else wants to lay hands on that legendary treasure... The dreadful John Rackham intends to be the first to take hold of the booty...

The Schedule

Check out all our pirate outfits at Sarah's, the dressmaker of UK, and customize them with quality prosthesis (hook, eye-patch, peg leg and more) from Ned's in Arabia.

Trade and try to negotiate with not so gentle pirates.

Train a parrot.

Help setting up a pirate tavern.

Break a terrible spell.

Challenge John Rackham's pirates.

Win many gifts!


Some Tips

Here are some hints for you to enjoy this adventure to the fullest:

It all starts in Arabia and it will take you to France and UK. Mind your carbon footprint, finish what's to be done in a city before flying to the next one.

Talk to everybody, some people will give you clues on what you have left to do.

Trade things with other players to complete your collections quicker.

And finally, keep your eyes wide open!