Xmas 2010

Stock up on gifts!

A mountain of gifts, fun costumes and special missions: all of this is awaiting you throughout December in Empire of Sports!

Help Miss Santa face the troubles at the toy factory by collecting all the supplies she needs to prepare her gifts and receive mysterious rewards...

Santa Claus or the Bogeyman? Pick a side for Christmas and get an original outfit!

Miss Santa's gifts

Following issues at the toy factory, Miss Santa needs your help to collect all the supplies needed to prepare presents.

Give her a hand by gathering all she needs and be rewarded with many mysterious gifts!

All this supplies can be traded between players so feel free to do so with your friends to complete your list according to your needs.

You will know what the gifts are on Christmas Eve!

Festive Christmas Present

  • Gas Carbon Refill x5
  • Apple x3

Exquisite Christmas Present

  • Butter x1
  • Fennel x1
  • Walnut x2
  • Fresh chestnut x3
  • Pepper mill x1

Sweet Christmas Present

  • Icy sugar x3
  • Padding foam x4
  • Fabric x5
  • Marshmallow x3
  • Bubble gum x3

Shaped Christmas Present

  • Metal x4
  • Log x4
  • Paint spray x2

Strength Christmas Present

  • Woven nylon x5
  • Metal x2
  • Log x3

Comfy Christmas Present

  • Blade x2
  • Metal x4
  • Log x4

Precision Christmas Present

  • Piece of rubber x6
  • Metal x4

Celerity Christmas Present

  • Fabric x3
  • Elastic x3

Defender Christmas Present

  • Velcro x2
  • Fabric x2
  • Padding foam x2

Opulent Christmas Present

  • Santa's Snapshot x15

Christmas intendant

Christmas Intendant will give you a new gift every day so don't forget to pay a visit!

You will also be given fun costumes related to Christmas.

Santa Claus / Bogeyman

You will have to choose who you want to help this season. Santa's assistant or Bogeyman's disciple? Choose carefully the side you want to go for because once you are in, there is no way back!

No matter which side you pick, you will be given an outfit that you must wear and bear to succeed in your mission. It is a detail you should not forget!