Presentation of the company

Empire of Sports is a joint venture that was born as a result of the meeting between an expert of the sports world, Infront Sports & Media and a young video games company, F4.

Infront Sports & Media, a leading international sports marketing company and specialist service, provides services to sports federations, teams, and sportspeople.

F4 is a French company that conceives, develops and animates online 3D worlds and massively connected games.

Thanks to these two components, Empire of Sports AG has been able to develop a game that allies innovation and faithful reproduction of the sports universe. As an example, game controls have been developed in collaboration with sports professionals so that the players could feel the same sensation as when they are playing sports for real.

Empire of Sports aims to be the first online multi-sports game that allows casual and hardcore gamers to play altogether.



Empire of Sports is constantly improving in order to satisfy its players.
Thus, Empire of Sports’ teams are growing all the time.
If you want to participate in the Empire of Sports adventure, you can consult our offers at


Press relations

If you want to know more about our company or our games, please contact Mathilde Remy:
+33 153 891 204

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