Legal Infos

Legal documents and policies of Empire of Sports™


Welcome to the Empire of Sports™ legal page. We take pride in being honest and straight to the point when it comes to important matters like the documents linked on this page. We know they are dry and boring, but we still ask you kindly to read them and be aware of them. Thanks!


Website Use Agreement

This document explains the rules and regulations concerning your use of the Empire of Sports™ Websites.


Terms Of Use

So that you are fully aware of the rules of Empire of Sports™ and the conditions you must agree to in order to set up and maintain an account, you must read this agreement.


Code of Conduct

We are a community and as with any community there are certain standards of behaviour and conduct that must be adhered to. This will ensure a safe and enjoyable Empire Of Sports™ play for all!  Please read and be aware of the standards that we expect from all users.


Privacy Policy

We respect and serve our users. As such, we wish to ensure that you are protected by an appropriate privacy policy so that you are aware and can trust us in our use of any information that we may have of yours.


End User License Agreement

As a player of Empire of Sports™, this document outlines the license terms and other conditions that you must agree to in order to download our software and content.


Fan Site Kit Agreement

To promote our community, we welcome your use of selected pictures and screenshots. However, in order to maintain standards of quality and to protect our intellectual property, it is necessary for you to agree to certain guidelines as to your use of Fan Site Kit.

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