Usual questions

What's a FAQ ?

FAQ is the abbreviation of “Frequently Asked Questions”. This FAQ will update regularly, and every time additional information will be accessible.


What is Empire of Sports ?

Empire of Sports is an online multi sports MMOG. The game offers the ability to play as an athlete in a fictional world where only the worlds of sports are of interest. Your character will need training and practice to succeed in specific sports, at the beginning he will be generally healthy but not very skilled in any sport. The more practice your character receives, the higher the achievements he can reach in different areas of sports, depending on his abilities. There are no fixed classes in Empire of Sports, depending on how different muscle areas are trained and how much experience you have in different sports, your characters performance may vary. The goal of the game is to become a star and maybe even dominate the sports world with your club.


What is an MMO, or MMOG ?

MMOG (or just MMO) is simply an acronym for Massively Multiplayer Online Game, a term used for role-playing games played on the Internet. Many thousands of players simultaneously play on the same server or world. Players can meet each other in-game, play with each other and create a persistent social virtual world.


Is Empire of Sports open to all?

Empire of Sports is open to all internet users, regardless of their internet supplier, in a spirit of discovery, of sharing… and most of all, of competition.

How to get Empire of Sports?

The game is only available by download from the official website, or partner websites.


The official Empire of Sports website.

The official website is


Is there online assistance for Empire of Sports?

Yes, an online assistance service is available for players. To signal any problems to our services, you can use the bug report in game by clicking the “Menu” button, then selecting “Support” in the displayed menu. You can also contact our support department at the following address:


How much does the game cost?

The Empire of Sports business model wants itself innovative to keep in sight the expectations of our players as well as our platforms ambitions. To find a balance between both, we inspired ourselves of the already existing «free to play».

You can earn Silver during the game, which will amongst other things allow you to buy food for your character and buy the latest fashionable equipment.

Gold on the other hand can be bought on our site or in the game, and allows you to buy improved items, access new locations and characters and gives access to special parts of the game!


Can I do emotes or gestures with my character?

Yes, there are several gestures (or emotes) available for any character. They are only available within the city. At a later point some automated gestures may be available within the different sports.

The current list of emotes is:



How does a Portal work?

1) Portal Menu

In a Portal, you can create a match with your Empire of Sports avatar against real opponents, or just by yourself for training (depends on which sport you are doing - not all support solo challenges).

By clicking on „Return to City“, you can go back and by clicking „Return to Menu" you can leave the game.

If you click on „Portal“ and then „Friendly Competitions“, a new interface will appear where you now are able to create/join the game you like.

To open a game for yourself and other players, or for a solo friendly game only with your avatar, click on „Create“ in the bottom left corner.

The first thing you should do now is, enter a name for your friendly game, this name will be seen by other players. If you agree to play a friendly game with another player, always communicate about the name and the password of the game in advance.

Now decide how many participants are allowed to join the game and set a password if you don't want to have random players joining.
The next thing to do is to choose a sport level. The sport level indicates how skilled the people should be to join this game.

And finally, under stage you can now choose the track/field/sports you want.  In Ski for example, we recommend to start with „Easy Track 01“ and then go step by step up to the „Expert Track“.

After you have decided for one stage, click again on „Create“.

Now wait until your opponent has joined the game, then hit ready and start the game!

If you are going to play alone, then just hit ready and start, with only you being in the room.

To join a game, which you have agreed before with a other player, choose under „Display only“ the game types you want to see. Then click on „Refresh“.
If there are games available, which match your criteria, you will now be able to see them in the list. Find the game name you have agreed with the other player and select it by a mouse click.

Now click the „Join“ button on the right hand side. In the next screen, you have to hit „Ready“ and as soonas all players are ready, the one who opened the room can start the game.


2) Instant Official Competitions

Official competitions grant you fortune and glory. When you win an official competition you win more Silver and your position in the various rankings increase. But if you loose a match you will also loose ranking points. Some tournaments are only available if you have reached a certain rank. You can check on the different sports rankings by opening your menu, as described in the “Ranking an Best times” section.

To encourage active players each athlete loose 2% of his ranking points per day. This way, inactive players progressively loose ranking positions thus increasing opportunities of evolution for new athletes.

During Official competitions, opponents are always chosen randomly. This system forbids any cheated ascent in the ranking and insure a fair competition.

To participate in an instant official competition click on the proper button. The game will automatically place you in a waiting room and choose a random opponent for you. As there is no “Ready” button in instant official competition the game starts immediately.

According to your game results you win or lose ranking points.


3) Training

Empire of Sports allows you to train by playing against A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) controlled athletes. By doing so your avatar can win experience and gain some Silver.

To do a training match against the A.I. click on the “Training” button in the portal.
Set the match parameters as you like. Choose the difficulty level you want for your training. And click on “Create” to start the training session.


4) Missions

When you accept a sport mission from one of the city trainer you have to activate it in the corresponding portal. To learn more about social mission consult the Missions section.

If you have accepted one or several missions you can fulfil them by going to the corresponding portals:

In the portal click on Missions
Select the mission you wish to accomplish
Click on Start to begin your mission
Follow the in-game instructions to learn how to complete your mission.


5) Spectator Mode

You want to know the thrill of the audience during a professional match? Maybe you want to learn how to pass ski doors as fast as possible... Or maybe you are a fan wanting to support your idol during one of his match? Whatever the reason the spectator mode will enrich your Empire Of Sports experience!

How to watch friendly competitions?

Click on friendly competition
Select the competition you would like to watch
Click on Spectator
Wait for the game to begin
Push the “C” key to change the camera view

How to watch official competitions?

Click on Watch official competitions
Select the competition you would like to watch
Click on Spectator
Wait for the game to begin
Push the “C” key to change the camera view


6) Tournaments

Tournaments are the most rewarding and interesting events of Empire Of Sports. Most of those tournaments require a high level of game experience, but there also are beginners tournaments. Tournaments generally provide great rewards and allow you to become famous. Thus making them the favourite competition type of players.
Tournaments are organized by Empire Of Sports staff. There are different tournament types in the game. They are announced each week in an event calendar you can check on Empire Of Sports website.


How to participate in a tournament?

- Talk to Francis, the competition guide, located in France Grand Plaza or Martine, located in France Prefecture. Look at the tournament list and check the time of the one you wish to participate to.

- When the time has come enter the waiting room of the tournament. The waiting room generally opens 15 minutes before the tournament. By entering the waiting room you will subscribe to this tournament and the entry fee (if entry fee there is) will be taken from you.

If you are disconnected or leave the waiting room you will be able to re-enter it as long as there are some places left. You will not have to pay the entry fee again.

Important : Do not click on “Back to the city” after the tournament first round or your character will leave the competition. Another option allows you to access the waiting room of the event next round.


How do I see who is online ?

To search for players, you can use the "White Page" - a kind of in-game player directory.

Press F8 to bring up the "White Pages" interface, click on "More options" and select "Only online", then click on "Search". On the right hand side you will see who is currently online and in the city. By clicking on any character, you can easiliy open up a private chat channel with this avatar and talk about making a match or going to a stadium.

Note: Players within the sport Portals will not be listed here.


How can I make a screenshot in the game?

To make a screenshot, simply press the "Printscreen" or PrtScr key on your keyboard. It is usually located above the / (slash) key from the numerical keypad. After pressing Printscreen, a JPEG screenshot should have been automatically made and saved in the directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\\My Documents\My pictures\F4\EmpireOfSports

The screenshot will be named screenxxxxx_yyyy_nn.jpg


What is Gold and Silver?

There are two virtual currencies in use within EOS:
Gold – is a virtual currency which can be purchased by you using real life money and which, subject to purchases made by you, is available on Your Account. Gold can be purchased at any time and used to purchase certain virtual goods and virtual services.

Silver – is a virtual currency that can be earned within the game. It can also be purchased with Gold. Silver can be used to purchase virtual goods and virtual services. It also serves to ‘prove’ your status within EOS.
You cannot convert Silver to either Gold or real life money.


How does trading work?

To initiate a trade, your avatar must be close to the player you wish to trade with. Left click on the avatar of your choice, and select Exchange in the pop up window. If the other player accepts your trade invitation, an item exchange window will appear.

Select the item you would like to trade out of Your Bag on the left side, or enter the amount of money you want to pay for an item of someone else in the Money field at the bottom of the window.
If both players click on Accept offer, the trade will be executed.

Do not click on Accept offer, before your trade partner inserted the agreed items into the Exchange area. You might get cheated.


How do I purchase gold?

To purchase Gold, log in to the Empire of Sports website, by using your Empire of Sports account name and password. Visit the Purchase Gold section under My Account, and select your desired package. Enter your transaction details, and complete the trade. The purchased amount of Gold will now be accessible by all your account’s characters.

To purchase gold in game, visit Margaux the banker on the cities main square. She will offer you to purchase gold directly in game with your avatar.

Technical questions

Is Empire of Sports compatible with all operating systems?

No. Empire of Sports is compatible only with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.


What is the minimal hardware configuration to run Empire of Sports?

Intel or AMD CPU with 2 Gigahertz, DirectX 9 and Shader 2.0 compatibleGraphics Card, 1 Gigabyte RAM


What is the “Game” button for?

To adjust the games graphic details, and controls, visit the overall game menu in Empire of Sports. You can either reach this menu by clicking on Options when starting the game, or by pressing the ESC button and then select Options while playing.

After selecting Options, the following menu points will appear:

Game allows you to alter the games language, the controls for the cities, as well as display details. Activate or deactivate the radio buttons, or select your desired button, to alter the particular settings.

Display offers several possibilities to change the games graphical settings, and therefore overall graphic quality. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the game, we advise to lower the resolution and general quality, especially if using an older computer.

Sound is the menu you’ve got to use if you want to alter the games sound effect volume, music volume, and other sound details.


Do you need a high speed internet connection to play?

A minimum 512 kbps connection is required. However, in order to enjoy a smooth and stable experience, we recommend a 1Mo (1024 kbps) connection.


How do you install the game and its updates?

Installation steps :

- Go to the directory on your pc where you saved the downloaded file.

- Double-click on the Empire of Sports Install File (EoS-Install-0.50.exe) to start the installation process.

- The application will start and offer you a choice of language which will be displayed during installation.

- Select "English" and click on "Next".

- The Empire of Sports Setup Wizard now start.


If you have a previous installation, the wizard will offer to uninstall this version.

If you are offered to uninstall a previous version, click on "Yes". Now the files from the prior installation will get deleted so that a clean installation of Empire of Sports is guaranteed. This may take around 5 minutes.

If you had a previous version installed and uninstalled it, you will receive a message "Uninstall was completed successfully". Click on "Ok"You will see the Beta Testing and Confidentiality Agreement of Empire of Sports. Please read this text carefully and then click on "I agree"

- You will be asked to choose an install location. Please make sure that you have at least 2 Gigabytes of free disk space on the hard drive where you want to install Empire of Sports. Click on "Browse" to select your desired hard drive and directory. After you have selected the designated installation path, click on "Next" to continue.

- You will be asked to install different components for installation. Normally all you need is the Empire of Sports component, should you run into any problems afterwards either during installation or playing the game, install the other components as well. Click on "Install" to continue.

- With this last step done you have successfully installed the Empire of Sports Beta and now are ready to play!


What to do in case of game error?

If an error occurs in the game or if it stops, we invite you stop and re-launch the game.

If the problem persists, you can use the in-game report system by clicking “Menu” then selecting “Support” in the displayed menu.

If your are not logged on to Empire of Sports, you can contact the technical support through our website at

We recommend that you join a Dxdiag file to your feedback. This is a tool provided by Microsoft® that sums up you hardware configuration. This tools collects no personal data.

To get this file, click in Windows® on “Start” then Execute. Type in “dxdiag” then click on OK. Once the analysis is complete, click on “Save” and send us the dxdiag.txt file to the support.


What to do in case of sound failure?

First, verify that your hardware functions with other programs than Empire of Sports.

Then, check your in-game sound options by clicking “Menu” then “Options”.

You can also check than your sound card’s driver are up to date.

If you still face sound problems, contact the support.


What to do in case of graphic failure?

If you encounter displaying problems (colour defects, faulty graphics, …) start by checking that your video card drivers are up to date.

- For NVidia® cards, go to and download the appropriate driver.For ATI® cards, go to and download the appropriate driver.

- You can also update your DirectX® by going to the official Microsoft website at .

If you still encounter problems, we advise that you contact the Empire of Sports support at


How to report a bug?

An online assistance service is available for players. To signal any problems to our services, you can use the bug report in game by clicking the “Menu” button, then selecting “Support” in the displayed menu.

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