Joining a club offers you many benefits and opportunities such as playing sports on a regular basis, access to the knowledge of experienced players plus, a family like atmosphere.

You will discover that a club greatly enhances your experience while playing Empire of Sports. You can meet friends, share joyfull moments and find easily someone to play with you. Players in good clubs can achieve very high ranking, and at some point a certain amount of prestige.



How to create a club?

Anyone can creats its own club. It cost 1000 silver, that you can easily win by taking part to competitions. If you are going to create a club with
one or more friends, you might want to share the expenses.

- To create a club, you have to talk to the Club Guide NPC in the cities' administrative center > Select I want to start a club!

- Enter your desired club name - Please be aware of the naming policies, which can be found on


Congratulations! You’ve just become the president of your very own club !

- To invite people to your club, open the club menu by pressing F6, and select Invite new member. The invited player will instantly receive his invitation via in game mail, which he can accept or decline.

- The president can nominate officers within the club members, those officers will be able to invite new members as well.

- The president and officers can nominate captains who will be able to lead and manage teams within the club.

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