Discover the city

The games cities are essential places to chat, share items and tactics, as well as finding new friends, building clubs and having fun while going on a shopping tour!

From the ashes of the cities of the past, even bigger cities have been built; Their streets are always filled with athletes, their districts, buildings and places are all dedicated to one unique and common objective: Sport.


France is one of the three available cities. Built recently, it has been designed to foster the development of the most complete athletes.

UK, Built on the plans of London, it is perfect for the international athletes who are ready to bite the dust in a "british" scene!

Arabia has been beautifully designed by our designers, mixing oriental tradition and modernity. Its weather and infrastructure offer ideal conditions for the athletes of various disciplines to train and practice their favorite sport under the sun.

We welcome you with open arms and invite you to discover these places that are now yours.



vue achatYour inventory is fulled up with items you don't use anymore? Try trading them!Trading is an easy way to find the items and equipment you're looking for. You may want some items that belong to another player trading is an easy way to have them. Every item that isn't bound to a character can be traded.


- You can trade directly with a player by using the items exchange system. It gives you two choices :either trading for Silver or trading for an other item.



vue clubJoining a club offers you many benefits and opportunities such as playing sports on a regular basis, access to the knowledge of experienced players plus a family like atmosphere.

You will discover that a club greatly enhances your experience while playing Empire of Sports. You can meet friends, share joyfull moments and find easily someone to play with you. Players in good clubs can achieve very high ranking, and at some point a certain amount of prestige.


Non Playing characters

vue npcThe shortcut NPC stands for Non Player Character, and counts for every Character you can talk, see, or interact with, which is controlled by an artificial intelligence.

When moving your mouse on an NPC in the city, he/she will brighten up, which indicates that you can interact with him/her. To talk to an NPC, place your avatar close to him/her, left click on the NPC. There are several NPCs : Store NPC,Guide NPC,Mission NPC,Coaches...




vue competitionGames with nothing to loose are nice for practice and fun. But in order to feel the excitement, serious competitions are needed. There are several possibilities of playing sports in Empire of Sports.


Be a star - Play to win!


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