Take it to the hoop!

Empire of Sports basketball is one of the three team sports in the game. This dynamic discipline will call for good footwork, and a good strategy. Not only will your own abilities come into play, but so will your team-mate’s if you want to sink that shot! Now pound the boards, and slam that competition!


Quick start tips

Where is the Basketball court?

The court is in the Basketball area, south of the Main Square.


Where can I get Basketball equipment?

You can purchase equipment specific to Basketball, in the Basketball Shop. There are two shops, one of them is in the Shopping Street west of the Main Square, and the other is on the west side of the Basketball Forecourt.


Basketball Basics

Empire of Sports Basketball is one of three team sports in the game. Every Athlete controls only one Avatar – his own. A well advanced control system based on a combination of keyboard and mouse is used to control the game. You move your avatar on the field by using your keyboard, while the mouse is used to activate the different actions: Stealing the ball, intercepting, throwing, passing, etc. Since every player on the field represents an actual athlete, very complex and realistic tactics can be developed and played. The current game modes are: 2vs2, 3vs3, 5vs5.



Movement on court is performed with the same keys as in town: W,A,S,D (or Z,Q,S,D on azerty keyboard) or the directional arrows.

When running, press [SHIFT] to sprint.

Tip: Press [Ctrl] and use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out



When in possession of the ball, slide your cursor over a team-mate, and it will change to indicate that the pass can be performed. To make the pass, left click on the team-mate, and a success gauge will appear. The longer you hold, the higher the chances of success.

Tip: You can also select a team-mate by clicking on his name displayed on the right side of the screen, or by holding [F1], [F2], [F3], or [F4], each key being assigned to one of your team-mates.



When the ball is in the air, your cursor will change to indicate that the intercept action can be performed.

To intercept the ball, hold down the left mouse button to fill up the success gauge. Don’t release the button, the interception will be performed automatically if you are in range.



Slide your mouse cursor over the basket to change it to the shot action cursor. To shoot, left click on the basket, it will fill up the success gauge, and release to throw the ball.

Free throw

Proceed as for a regular shot, but the success gauge will go up and down rapidly. You have 5 seconds to shoot each free throw.








When you slide your cursor over an opponent holding the ball, the steal icon will be displayed.

If you right click at this moment, the selected action is deflected, and you will try to push the ball away from you opponent’s hand.

If your opponent is trying to shoot, you will deflect the ball directly in the air.

To deflect, hold the right mouse button, it will fill the success gauge. No need to release, the action will be automatic if you are close enough.



When you slide your cursor over an opponent holding the ball, the steal icon is displayed.

To steal, left click on the opponent, try to fill up the success gauge and release.

Tip: The opponent’s orientation and your distance to the ball affect your chances of success.


Lay-up (dunk)

To perform a lay-up, you must sprint by holding [SHIFT], and be in the lay-up zone.

Once you reached the lay-up zone, left click and release to attempt a dunk.






Jump ball

Press [Ctrl] and right click to deflect the jump ball.


Basketball Techniques

Dribbling: Reflects your ability to keep the ball

Footwork: Reflects your capacity to run

Intercepting: Reflects your ability to wrest the ball from an opponent

Jumping: Reflects your ability to jump

Pass and Shoot: Reflects your precision when passing and shooting


Basketball Standings



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