The sport that makes the world go round is now yours to conquer!

Football is one of the three team sports in the world of Empire of Sports. Here you will not only depend on your own skill and physical traits, but also on the performance of your team-mates, and your ability to play as a group. Get ready for the kick-off!


Quick start tips

Where is the Football stadium?

The stadium is in the Football Esplanade, west of the Main Square, after the Shopping Street.


Where can I get Football equipment?

You can purchase all equipment specific to football, in the Football Shops. There are two shops, one of them is in the Shopping Street west of the Main Square, and the other is on the south side of the Football Esplanade.



Football Basics

Football is one of the three team sports in Empire of Sports. Controls and game play experience are unique for a Football game. Every player controls only one, his own, avatar. A well advanced control system based on a combination of keyboard and mouse is used to control the game. The keyboard is used to move your avatar on the field, while the mouse is used to activate the actions: Tackling, Passing, Shooting, Intercepting, etc.. Since every player on the field represents an actual athlete, very complex and realistic tactics can be developed and played.

The current game modes are: 3vs3, 5vs5, 7vs7 and 11vs11 (goalies included).



Movement on court is performed with the same keys as in town: W,A,S,D (or Z,Q,S,D) or the directional arrows.

When running, press [SHIFT] to sprint.








Move your mouse over the field to choose where to aim.

Hold the left mouse's button and release to shoot, the longer you hold it the further the pass will be, .


When you move your mouse cursor over the goal cage, a target will appear indicating that a shot can be performed.

Hold the left mouse button to adjust the power, and release to shoot.

Tip: the more powerful your shot is, the less accurate it will be.



Interception is all about positioning. When the ball is on the ground, just stand on it’s path to get it automatically.

When the ball is in the air, you have to place your avatar near the ball’s landing point to get it. You can also wait for it to bounce on the ground to catch it easily.

Tip: If another player is trying to get a ball coming from the air at the same time as you, the nearest to the ball has the best chance of getting it.



When the opponent has the ball, face him and simply go to it.

Your avatar will automatically try to get it if you are well positioned

Tip: Take care of the direction the opponent is facing. If he’s between the ball and you, your attempt to steal will fail.

If your opponent is running, the ball will be easier to steal.








When your opponent has the ball, face him and press either the [Ctrl] key or the [A] key.

Your avatar will rush to the opponent and will automatically slide tackle to take the ball.

Tips: A tackle is more efficient than a steal, but much more dangerous. Avoid at all costs to tackle an opponent from behind.

Beware of the fouls!


Football Techniques

Ball Control: Reflects your capacity to keep the ball

Football Speed: Reflects your speed while running

Interception: Reflects your capacity to steal the ball from an opponent

Kick Accuracy: Reflects the precision of your shots

Kick Power: Reflects the strength of your shots


Football Standings

  • 1 P Cruz
  • 2 Kyfeur
  • 3 Christinnaa
  • 4 T-Oninhio
  • 5 Sapirit
  • 6 Waool
  • 7 Calypta
  • 8 Federt
  • 9 Jacob Stone
  • 10 Turnbull



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