Slide at full throttle!

Empire of Sports ski brings you the famous Super Giant Slalom! Ski downhill through the gates, combining high speed and a good control of your avatar. A range of difficulty settings will be on your way down especially the tortuous tracks. Hold on to your helmet, it’s a long ride down!


Quick start tips

Where is the Ski track

You may access a ski track in the Winter Sports Alley, north of the Main Square.




Where can I get Ski equipment?

You can purchase ski equipment in the Ski Shop. There are two shops, one of them is in the Shopping Street west of the Main Square, and the other is right next to the ski track in the Winter Sports Alley.




Ski Basics

Empire of Sports Ski is based on established controls - You control your avatar by using the arrow keys, you may speed up or slow down by shifting your avatar back or forward. The current game modes are Super G and Downhill, which offers a big variety of tracks for all levels. Some tracks have intentionally been kept realistic, others are more of an arcade style of environment.






You can use the standard movement keys to speed up, slow down, turn left or right. You can change your camera  view using [C].

You can reduce your airtime by holding [Ctrl] before a jump and releasing it while you’re in the air.



Crossing gates


Your position in a race is established by the number of the gates crossed and the timing. Crossing a gate successfully requires you to pass between the two flags.







Ski Techniques


Reaction Time: Reflects your acceleration and recovery time after a fall

Ski Control: Reflects your ability to guide your avatar

Skiing Speed: Reflects the speed


Ski Standings