Grizzly Trophy 2011

Impose your supremacy over winter sports!

From 11th to 26th February 2011, compete the best ski and bobsleigh specialists of Empire of Sports by taking part in the second edition of the Grizzly Trophy!

To be a master in this competition and reach the big final, you'll have to be as good in skiing as in bobsleighing because several events await for you in every sport.

The best players of each discipline will go through to the playoffs and be rewarded collector t-shirt with a medal for their performance.



The Grizzly Trophy is composed of 5 disciplines:

  • Super G - Skiing
  • Super G – Time Trial
  • Skeleton
  • Two-man bobsleigh
  • Four-man bobsleigh

You can access a new discipline every other day. Each of them includes 3 days of qualification stage and one day of Playoff (small final) to determine winners of each discipline.


Qualification events


Friday, February 11th


Saturday, February 12th


Sunday, February 13th


Super G

Monday, February 14th

Super G

Tuesday, February 15th

Two-man bobsleigh

Super G


Wednesday, February 16th

Two-man bobsleigh

Thursday, February 17th

Two-man bobsleigh

Ski – Time Trial

Super G

Friday, February 18th

Ski – Time Trial

Saturday, February 19th

Four-man bobsleigh

Ski – Time Trial skiing

Two-man bobsleigh

Sunday, February 20th

Four-man bobsleigh

Monday, February 21st

Four-man bobsleigh

Ski – Time Trial

Tuesday, February 22th

Wednesday, February 23th

Four-man bobsleigh

Grizzly Trophy 2011 Final

Saturday, February 26th

Round 1 - Skiing

Round 2 - Skeleton

Round 3 - Skiing

During the qualification stage, you have 20 races to gain the maximum amount of points. You can get from 1 to 4 points according to the following pattern:

  • 1st position: 4 Points
  • 2nd position: 3 Points
  • 3rd position: 2 Points
  • 4th position: 1 Point

You can access sessions every 10 minutes from 1:00pm to 11:00pm (CET).

At the end of the qualifications stage, we'll establish an official ranking for each discipline. The 32 best players of each series will be qualified to take part in the Playoffs of each discipline (small final). If two players have the same amount of points, the one with less competition will be better ranked. If need be, a draw will be made to decide between players.

Playoffs will take place at 9:00pm (CET)

At the end of the competition, the official ranking of the Grizzly Trophy will be established thanks to rankings of each discipline. The 32 best players will be qualified to take part in the great final of the competition on Saturday, February 26th at 4:00pm (CET).

To maintain the competition balanced, there'll be four groups made by levels (1-19 / 20-39 / 40-69 / 70+).


For each participation to a qualification event you'll get a Shop voucher according to the following pattern:

  • 1st position: 4 Shop vouchers
  • 2nd position: 3 Shop vouchers
  • 3rd position: 2 Shop vouchers
  • 4th position: 1 Shop voucher

With these Shop vouchers you'll be able to get collector items offered by the Grizzly Trophy guide. Apart from their original style, these items last very long.

  • Grizzly Trophy ski/bobsleigh: 120 Shop vouchers
  • Grizzly Trophy Cap: 25 Shop vouchers
  • Grizzly Trophy Fur Hat: 25 Shop vouchers
  • Grizzly Trophy Ski Helmet: 45 Shop vouchers
  • Grizzly Trophy Ski Jacket: 60 Shop vouchers
  • Grizzly Trophy Ski Pants: 60 Shop vouchers
  • Grizzly Trophy Ski Shoes: 60 Shop vouchers
  • Grizzly Trophy Bobsleigh Helmet: 45 Shop vouchers
  • Grizzly Trophy Bobsleigh Jacket: 60 Shop vouchers
  • Grizzly Trophy Bobsleigh Pants: 60 Shop vouchers
  • Grizzly Trophy Bobsleigh Shoes: 60 Shop vouchers

At the end of Playoffs of each discipline, the 3 best players will get a collector T-shirt printed with a medal for their performance.

The winnner of the big Final of Grizzly Trophy 2011 will receive a unique collector suit!


Grizzly Trophy is a virtual ski and bobsleigh competition organised in the Empire of Sports online world.

Joining this event involves the complete and unreserved acceptance of all the terms expressed in this settlement.

All rules and terms applicable to Empire of Sports, including behaviour rules, remain enforceable to all players throughout the competition.

Those conditions of use are available in the “Legal infos” section of the website. Any sanction taken against any Empire of Sports player, including outside this event, will automatically result in the player being excluded from the event with no effective remedy, nor pay back of possible costs incurred for their participation.

Empire of Sports reserves the right to amend the duration of the event as well as dates for some phases and/or date for the final without prior notice or obligation to justify itself, nor will its liability be engaged as a result of this.

Only one avatar per game account, and only one account per person will be allowed to register and take part in this event. Shall a breach of this term occur, all avatars of the involved account will be disqualified with no effective remedy for its owner.

Players under the age of 18 must have the authorization from their parents or their guardian to be allowed to take part in this event.

Employees and their family, affiliates and suppliers of F4 companies, InFront and Empire of Sports are not allowed to take part in this event.

Shall any form of disconnection occur, no complaint or protest will be made. Players disconnected during an event will automatically be considered as defeated.

Empire of Sports reminds all participant that characteristics and limits of internet network cannot be impute to the game. Empire of Sports cannot be held responsible for any material or immaterial damage caused to participants, their computer equipment and data stored in it; as for professional or private consequences which may be caused by such an incident.

Shall one or several participant(s) cannot connect to the game or play because of any technical failure, or any issue related to network or game servers overloading.

Shall a dispute arise between participants during the course of the event and remain unresolved by their sole efforts, the organising body will intervene and make a decision based upon official game log files. No justification shall be expected on part of the organising body, nor shall any complaint or protest be made towards it.

Decision upon a dispute remains the sole right of the official "Empire of Sports" team members. Arbitrators in charge of this event are all of but not limited to the following: EOS Milo, EOS Wakkun, EOS Solinard and EOS Hysho.

Empire of Sports reserves the right to disqualify and ban from this event any and all participants who fail to comply with the terms and/or the behaviour charter, and to do so with no obligation to justify itself. Owners of these accounts will be notified by email of such a decision.