Xmas 2011

Stock up on gifts!

A mountain of gifts, fun costumes and special missions: all of this is awaiting you throughout December in Empire of Sports!

Santa is overwhelmed by all the gifts that he needs to distribute, become his assistant and give him a hand in his mission.

Santa Claus or the Bogeyman? Pick a side for Christmas and get an original outfit!

Miss Santa's gifts

You will have to choose who you want to help this season. Santa's assistant or Bogeyman's disciple? Choose carefully the side you want to go for because once you are in, there is no way back!
No matter which side you pick, you will be given an outfit that you must wear and bear to succeed in your mission. It is a detail you should not forget!

Christmas Intendant will give you a new gift every day so don't forget to pay a visit! Each day you can bring an item to Ninou and get a gift at the Christmas tree that you can open on Chrismas day.

Bellow, are all the sports where you can find some of the items :


Bobsleigh & Ski :

  • Wheel
  • Miniature paint
  • Furniture
  • Modelling clay

Tennis & Track & Field :

  • Piece of car circuit
  • Synthetic hair
  • Brick
  • Modelling clay

Basketball & Football :

  • Motor
  • Doll dress
  • Scoubidou
  • Modelling clay