Achilles Black Series

New regular tennis season

From Friday, February 21st, join the qualifications of the Achilles Black Series and get a place for the final tournament!

Defeat your opponents, win Vouchers and use them in order to get brand new collectors items!

The winnner of the big final will win an exclusive Achilles Black Series Suit and the title of "Achilles Black Series Winner"!



The Achilles Black Series season is composed of 3 cups!

To take part in the Achilles Black Series, talk to the Special Competition Guide on the central place of the city you are in.

  • France : Pierre
  • UK : Brian
  • Arabia : Abri

You can play up to 40 qualification matches to get as many qualifications points as you can. Winning a game gives you 3 points whereas loosing it gives you 1 point.

You will need 80 qualification points to access the final tournament of the competition.

You can also win Vouchers  through qualification matches and then trade them for collector items with the Special Competition Guide .

  • Victory: 3 Vouchers
  • Defeat : 1 Voucher


The qualification matches are available every 10 min from Friday, February 21st to Friday, March 7th from 13:00 à 23:00 (CET).
Qualified players will be able to access the final on Saturday, March 8th at 17:00 (CET)

To balance the competition, the Achilles Black series uses our same level system



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Here are the rewards of the top players of the big final.

1st Position:    1 Achilles Black Series Suit
                     + "Achilles Black Series Winner" title
                     + Vouchers Bonus Pack (50 Vouchers)       
                     + 1 Premium Month

2nd Position:   Vouchers Bonus Pack (40 Vouchers)      
                     + 1 Premium Month

3rd Position:     Vouchers Bonus Pack (30 Vouchers)
                     + 2 Premium Weeks

4th to 12th Position:   Vouchers Bonus Pack (20 Vouchers)