Reminder about account security

Never provide your login and password to anyone in game as outside!

Some players didn’t consider this regular advice and several accounts stealing held recently. The fact is that in 100% of cases, the login infois were sent directly to the thief by the owners of the accounts with the promise of Gold! Do not be naïve!

In addition, we remind you that the account sharing is strictly forbidden on Empire of Sports, notably in order to avoid this kind of problem.

All players are invited to update their personal information via the official website, including their first and last name in order to prove their identity in case of problems. In fact, if your game account is “stolen”, a proof of your identity may be requested by the technical support for the restoration of your game account> My Empire of Sports> My Account> Modify my personal info

Note that if your game account has been suspended under investigation for account stealing, its return is not systematic.

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